… Browsing a Million Records over a Cup of Coffee…


Logging into an online system that shows you all the files that have been analyzed for you, –  in a graphical format, grouping all of the files into colored categories that you have defined.

Where you can sort and filter the graphical representations of your files and generate insightful dynamic views of various summary permutations by combining different selection criteria and display preferences.

Highlight certain files of interest.  Drill down to immediately see the file’s detailed information, all of the data fields associated with that instrument, as well as the supporting document image.

View scoring of that file according to the decisioning criteria you had established.

Millions of records in the time to take a coffee
  • Open any instrument.  Review the attached document image.
  • View the notes and comments and any uploaded reports.
  • Review the workflow, who worked on the file and when.
  • See all the files related to that one instrument, all chain of title records grouped and sorted in chronological order.
  • Select the view that shows all transaction parties across all documents in an easy-to-read format.

Now imagine …

NOT having such a system and attempting any type of audit or fact finding over many thousands of files.

RegistryAudit.US – Software Powered by Real Estate Services & Technology

Real Estate Services and Technology, Inc. (REST) provides enterprise-ready, decisioning, workflow and reporting solutions to governmental, financial, mortgage and real estate organizations.

The REST proprietary software platforms can be configured to apply sophisticated custom analytics for any type of decisioning including eligibility evaluation, best-fit disposition options, quality assurance, pricing, portfolio monitoring and case file auditing.  The software handles hundreds of thousands of files at once or can instantly drill down to analyze individual files as needed.

The Registry Audit software has been tailored specifically for analyzing Real Property Land and Mortgage Records in the Public Records systems.  Evaluation criteria for any type of audit can be programmed into a decisioning model that is then applied and analyzes the pertinent information obtained from the targeted instruments/documents.