The RegistryAudit software enables me to apply my expertise and knowledge, my checklist of examination items, across hundreds of thousands of files all at once. There is no way that I could do large audits without it.
Marie McDonnell, CFE, McDonnell Property Analytics

Our Software Solutions Provide a Variety of Services for:

County Recorders
responsible for maintaining the integrity of the files

Law Firms
identifying files, patterns and practices pertinent to your case

uncovering and pinpointing violations across all instruments

Financial Institutions
identifying their potential liabilities within the public record

interested in the public records about a property or mortgage

“Virus-checking” For Public Records

Similar to malware, cleanup or virus-scanning software, our systems can identify problem areas across any number of public record instruments and generate detailed reports with recommended solutions.

We have libraries of analytical models that can be applied during a review, or we can implement custom models to address any specific audit criteria, such as:

  • Identify all the files having specific characteristics
  • Locate instruments where the document information has not been indexed propertly
  • Identify any missing/required chain of title documents
  • Identify signers appearing on known Robo-Signer lists
  • Is there evidence of fraud?
  • Identify any signers appearing on known Robo-Signer lists
  • Did a transacting party violate a known state statute or code?
  • Quantify the projected damages and potential remuneration across all files

We can Scan an Entire Registry or Focus on Certain Files or Specific File Types

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0 Problems Identified

Thorough Review and Definitive Findings

The Registry Audit Software assists in detecting occurrences, correlations and trends in the Public Land Records.  It finds what you are looking for, processing hundreds of thousands of instruments against custom rules.  It locates key (alpha or trigger) documents and then associates any related instruments, organizing them into ‘case files’ which are typically grouped by borrower or property parcel.

Whether you need to research a single chain of title or compile and trend thousands of irregularities in the public records, the Registry Audit software quickly identifies the problem files, provides the supporting documentation and findings, and presents the results in visual, responsive formats.

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In most jurisdictions, the County Recorder is tasked with recording the submitted documents, not necessarily verifying the information contained in them.

On an individual basis, submitted documents may appear to be valid. It may not be thought important to index every party to the transaction or to list the transacting entity consistently across all instruments submitted. Cross-referencing one instrument to another, or to a common document, may not be taking place comprehensively.

If your county has been asked to respond to requests for information, or if you are focused on knowing more about what might be in your records for your own purposes and how you might address remediation efforts, our RegistryAudit.US software can assist you.

We have libraries of analytical models that others have used that can be applied to your records, or we can implement custom models designed specifically to address your needs.

Our systems can scan retroactively, analyzing all past records or we can schedule maintenance audits to review all new incoming submissions.


If you are a law firm currently involved in litigation, preparing a Class Action or Qui Tam lawsuit or attempting to quantify the amount of damages that you might be awarded, we can definitely assist you.

If you have certain examples in your plaintiffs’ cases, we can identify if there’s a pattern or practice on a city, county or state-wide basis. We can ‘package’ your discovery case files for you, assembling all of the related instruments and document images together.

  • How many of these types of occurrences are in these files?
  • Can the files be identified that substantiate a pattern and practice?
  • How many occurrences are there for each of the defendants?
  • What are the damages and potential settlements that might be realized?

Our software can be used to definitively identify and document, not only examples of, but each and every occurrence of a case file that fits specific criteria.

If you are already working with a forensic auditor we can put their logic into the analysis that is applied to your files.  (We also have a network of certified forensic auditors that work with us and can help you shape the logical models to best address your needs.)

Our business rules engine can apply any logical models across the entire population of analyzed loans.

All of the data, findings and reports are stored on a secure, cloud-based server.  The evaluation results of your models, your specific logic/criteria are instantly available in easy to understand reports, charts and data available for export and download.






If you are a Forensic Loan Auditor currently providing Expert Witness services on cases involving the review and analysis of many files, out software can make your job a lot easier and more efficient.

We can leverage your knowledge and expertise across the population of files you want to have reviewed so that all of the files can be evaluated instantly.

  • Interested in finding all of the occurrences of files that meet your clients’ specific criteria?
  • Would you like to identify how many files each financial institution has that match the pattern of the plaintiff files you are reviewing?
  • How many case files are there in the county that are similar?
  • Would you like the check the signers on those documents against various lists?
  • Contact us to find out how we can automate your manual review processes.


You may have internal records regarding your mortgage-related transactions, but do you know what has ‘officially’ been filed in the public records?

How does that compare with your own internal documentation?

Do your public filings adhere to your own standards and the public records requirements in that jurisdiction?

What might your exposure be?

If you are looking to assign a note to another financial institution or trust, do you have a clear chain of title?

We can provide you with a third-party impartial analysis of the records that are on file listing you as a party to the transaction.

We can also provide you with a punch-list of proposed remediation steps you should consider on a county-by-county basis.


Your mortgage is probably one of the documents that affects your life the most.

But do you know:

  • What’s in the public record concerning your property or mortgage?
  • Have the proper documents been filed?
  • Has your loan changed hands and been sold to another financial institution?
  • Was it done properly, according to your state’s laws?

Would you, or your attorney, like a Certified Forensic Auditor to provide you with a detailed examination of the files that are on record relating to your mortgage, providing you with a Preliminary Title Report, Forensic Loan Audit, Securitization Audit or other service?

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